Rx iV Patient Receiving Infusion Therapy Young man receiving intravenous therapy from Rx iV Rx iV Intravenous Hydration Therapy Rx iV Infusion Pharmacy AmeriCare’s Rx iV Infusion Pharmacy delivers a complete spectrum of pharmacy therapy
services and programs to medically stable patients. Rx iV provides care in the comfort of the
home environment. Our team will work with your physician to carry out your injection or
infusion needs.
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Home Infusion / Injection Therapy

The success of our infusion and injection therapy program resides in the highly skilled and trained clinical staff of pharmacists and registered nurses. Our nurses work hand in hand with your prescribing physicians.

We provide detailed assessments and notes to prescribing physicians, enabling the physician to make educated care plans for their patient. Our nurses and pharmacists will continuously educate the patient and family regarding their therapies and are available for questions 24/7.

Rx iV Infusion Pharmacy believes in supporting our patients and families through their care journey, taking as much off the patient and family’s plates as possible. Rx iV is part of the AmeriCare Family of services. Our company provides best practice standards of care with CHAPS certifications.

Greg Jamian, Managing Partner

COVID-19 Response

“Be assured RX iV Pharmacy is committed to taking all precautions possible to protect our staff and clients amid the coronavirus pandemic.”
Greg Jamian, Managing Partner

Intravenous Therapy & Infusion Therapy

We provide quality pharmacy therapy services to patients in the comfort and cost effective environment of their home of facility.

1.800.782.3394 (U.S. only)

248.435.9400 (local and international callers)

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Our Beaumont Hospital Liaisons

Laura Bellinger

Patient Case Manager

Kimberly Imperati

Patient Case Manager

Maggie Ornazian

Patient Case Manager

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Get quality, cost effective pharmacy therapy services and programs in the comfort of your home or facility.

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