ResMed Airmini in use

5 Tips on How to Best Utilize a Portable CPAP While Traveling

For those with sleep apnea, a portable CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine can make traveling more manageable and less stressful. Portable CPAPs take up less space on your nightstand and pack easily in your travel bag regardless of if you’re flying, driving, hiking, or riding. These machines are designed specifically to be smaller and more lightweight, with extra features…

Close up of senior woman suffering from heatstroke at home

Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer may be drawing to a close, but the weather is still hot! While we all love to bask in the sun, it’s important to keep our seniors safe during this season. The elderly are more vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat, which is why we’ve compiled these summer safety tips to help you keep your seniors cool, hydrated,…

AirMini Portable CPAP

Why is the ResMed AirMini CPAP machine better than its competitors?

Sleep is an integral part of our lives, and uninterrupted sleep is essential for maintaining good health. However, for people with sleep apnea, the breathing disruptions that occur during sleep can lead to chronic health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. This is where the ResMed AirMini CPAP machine comes into play. In this article, we will explore…

How does respite care allow caregivers to take a vacation?

Being a caregiver is a demanding role that requires a lot of dedication, time, and energy. Whether you are looking after an elderly family member or caring for a loved one with a chronic illness, the job can take its toll both physically and emotionally. This is where respite care comes in handy.   Respite care is a type of…

Greg Jamian at the 2023 Nightingale Awards

AmeriCare Medical Honors Michigan’s Top Nurses at the 2023 Nightingale Awards

The Top Nurses in Michigan were celebrated and honored by Oakland University – School of Nursing and AmeriCare Medical at the 2023 Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence® ROCHESTER, MICH. (PRWEB) MAY 19, 2023 Each year, AmeriCare Medical, Inc. and their home care company, AmeriStaff Nursing Services, partners with Oakland University – School of Nursing to sponsor this prestigious event. Greg Jamian, AmeriCare Medical,…

Sun Medical Supplies mobility scooters outside of store

Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter for Your Needs

So, should you choose a powered wheelchair or a mobility scooter? Put simply, if you have limited upper body strength or extensive accessibility needs, a powered wheelchair is usually the best option for you. If you can get around quite well, but struggle walking long distances, a mobility scooter is probably right for you.   Now that you’ve determined that…

Elderly woman with rollator from Sun Medical Equipment & Supplies

What is a Rollator and What are the Benefits?

Most people know what a walker is. They know that a walker can greatly help seniors and others with mobility issues with walking. Walkers have four legs that all stay in contact with the ground, even if the front two legs are wheels. Because at least two of the legs grip the ground when they’re in contact with it, walkers…

Sun Medical Bath Safety Products Shower Grab Bars for Toilets Too

Get a Grip on Bath Safety for your Home

The bathroom can be an intimidating place for older adults and people with health conditions or disabilities. Slick and hard surfaces, combined with limited range of motion can create ideal conditions for accidents or mishaps. At Sun Medical, we are dedicated to helping everyone live independently by improving the safety of their bathrooms. We can make it easier to avoid…

Greg Jamian and the Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Association Donate to a Fox 2 Photographer in Need after Motorcycle Accident

Greg Jamian and the Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Association Donate to a Fox 2 Photographer in Need after Motorcycle Accident

A devastating motorcycle crash left Rob Plewa, a Fox 2 photographer, a quadriplegic. Because of Michigan’s no-fault law changes in 2019, a single-motorcycle accident does not pay any disability benefit. Greg Jamian and the Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Association recently met with Rob and made a generous donation to him and his wife. Read the full story and watch the…

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